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  How to purchase LCD?
  The description and solution of the question:


There are some tips as the consultation of choosing LCD:

1.Brightness: The higher brightness has the better performance. Some model around 250cd/m2 and Some top-class LCD can reach to 500cd/m2.

2. Contrast: The higher contrast has better performance. The difference of the comparing with value is quite great, ranging in the market place is from 300: 1 to 600: 1, even higher.

3. Viewing angle: Because of the way light passes through the liquid crystals in the display, LCDs may appear to lose some brightness and image quality as you move to the side of the screen, or above or below it. An LCD's viewing angle indicates how far, in degrees, you can move from the center of the display before the image quality deteriorates to unacceptable levels. A wider viewing angle indicates more freedom to view the monitor from the side or from above or below the screen position. Some manufactures will indicated the viewing angle by adding out two value as horizontal 160°and vertical 160°and some others indicates as horizontal ﹢﹣80°; Vertical ﹢﹣80°. For some low-level product only obtain the viewing angle in + - 40~50°

4. Response time: Response time means the react time of the CPU calculation after receive the signal form the keyboard or the mouse. The faster the response time give a better process of the system. One of the ways to observe the response time is by fast moving the mouse. For some lower class LCD, the cursor will disappear until the mouse is no longer moving. However, with the higher response time, user can observe the moving tracks while the mouse is in the movement.

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