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Applying case number Patent name
2237064 The panel Improvement structure for the host computer 
2107441 Keyboard
2230269 The incoming telegram keyboard
20206511 The improvement for the Panel structure of the host computer
40606600 Speaker
20203002 The radio interference device among identical input-frequency
20205553 Input device
20206036 The Incoming-Telegram Keyboard
202006011918 The button structure improvement for the Scissors-Type Keyboard
202006005353 The improvement of Information products device
200259412 The testing tool and method for the Shortwave Frequency-Modulation of Digital Radio under micro-power consumption
2002-7242 The Standard of Multimedia Keyboard
2006-006448 Keyboard Button
2006-00388 The  improvement for Information Products device
92201011 The host computer structure with the compounded DC/ AC power supply
94214265 The Genius Mouse Gyro Wheel structure with human engineering
91207871 Waterproof keyboard (1)
91207872 Waterproof keyboard (2)
91203319 The incoming telegram keyboard
91216559 The Standard Keyboard with multimedia-functionality
93210977 The Multimedia Keyboard with integrated transition ability
95300526 Keyboard (12 )
95206479 The Keyboard Telephone with cable management
95210335 Keyboard Button
93210976 The Power Supply with the systematic heat dissipation function for the PC case
94220866 The structure improvement for the heat dissipation
94223050 The host computer structure with the integrated power supply was renamed as: The power device with the compounded DC/ AC power supply
95202026 The Pivot structure (the first generation)
94223051 Information products device improvement
95202027 The adjustable of pivot structure by fixed point (the second generation)

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