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  How do I adjust the resolution? What is the relationship between the display card and resolution?
  The description and solution of the question:


To change monitor resolution, click Start -> Control Panel -> Display. Select Setting tab to adjust the monitor resolution in Desktop Area. The available resolutions,“640 x 480”,“800 x 600”,“1024 x 768”,“1152 x 864”,“1280 x 1024”,“1600 x 1200”, are determined by the display card in your computer. The unit of resolution is in pixel. The resolution can also affect the number of colors shown on the monitor. Since the memory of a display card is limited, high resolution can result in fewer colors. Average display card is equipped with 8MB memory and is able to show true color (16.7 billion colors) under resolution of 1024 x 768. In addition, resolution can affect refresh rate of the monitor. New model display card and monitor can achieve optimal setting through communication on DDC interface with minimal problems. Old model equipment requires application provided by the hardware manufacturers.

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